Worrying About the Future, Including Long-Term Care

You and your spouse may be diligent in planning for retirement. You might have a great portfolio of investments, savings, and other assets, and are looking at retirement in perhaps five or 10 or 15 years, at the most. You want to enjoy it, but you also want to be realistic. That might be why you’ve looked into life insurance and perhaps carry a policy (or more) already. But, if you have not considered long-term care insurance and have not gotten a long-term care insurance quote yet, that leaves a big question: why?

Has your spouse been talking about this at all?

Long-Term Care Insurance Quote Carlsbad CA - Worrying About the Future, Including Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care Insurance Quote Carlsbad CA – Worrying About the Future, Including Long-Term Care

More and more people in their 30s, 40s and 50s are waking up to the reality that there is such a thing as long-term care insurance. You might have heard about it in passing, especially as you were building your retirement portfolio.

At the time, you may have dismissed it outright, considering it an unnecessary extra expense at that stage in your life, perhaps when you were in your 30s or 40s. Yet, if you’re in your mid-50s or even later, it’s the perfect time to consider long-term care insurance.

Maybe your spouse has talked about it in the past. Maybe he or she admonished you to consider this, especially given how much work, time, and effort you both have been putting in toward saving for retirement.

Just because we have conversations about the future with our significant other, our partner, our spouse, and the love of our life, that doesn’t mean we’re always ‘listening’ to what he or she has to say.

What are the odds you or your spouse require long-term care in the future?

This is one of the most common questions people in their 30s and 40s and often into their 50s ask, “Am I really going to need long-term care?”

You might not. But then again, you have the top automobile insurance for your vehicles, even though you may never need to file a claim, right? Sure you do. Of course, automobile insurance is required by law, but why not carry just the minimum? Why would you add all the extras, the higher coverage rates? Because you understand that anything at any time can happen. The same is true when it comes to your body.

You might not think there’s any history of major health issues in your family, nothing like Alzheimer’s or most cancers, nothing about strokes or heart disease. That’s a wonderful and rare thing these days, but does that mean you’re free and clear? No, it doesn’t. Your dietary habits, your personal health history, your job, and stress levels, where you live, and so on can increase your risks of certain serious health ailments.

But you also don’t want to discount the prospect of accidents. Whether automobile, slip and fall mishaps or something else, you or your spouse could require some type of long-term care in the future. If your spouse has been admonishing you to consider long-term care insurance, look into it.

Time to Look into a Long-Term Care Insurance Quote

When you understand the cost of long-term care now and how it will likely increase with inflation, supply and demand economics, and other factors, this is the right time to look into and begin a policy.

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