Will You Ever Need Long-Term Care?

It’s easy to sit there in good health and assume you won’t ever face a serious emergency. Teenagers to twentysomethings to even middle-aged adults often think of themselves as invincible. They don’t contemplate the worst possible things happening in their life.

It may be true that you will never require any type of long-term care, but is that a good mentality to have moving through your “later years” of life?

Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums San Diego CA - Will You Ever Need Long-Term Care?

Long-Term Care Insurance Premiums San Diego CA – Will You Ever Need Long-Term Care?

Things can change, fast.

Time waits for no one. Just because you may be in great health today doesn’t mean something isn’t going to happen tomorrow. There are seemingly endless stories of men and women who visited their doctor in their 40’s and 50’s, received a clean bill of health, were told, “You are the epitome of perfect health and conditioning,” only to go home and a few days later suffer a stroke, heart attack, or other serious medical emergency.

Even the best medical professionals in the world can overlook some vastly subtle signs of serious health problems on the horizon.

What if your family history is void of medical problems?

Even if every single great grandparent, grandparent, and both of your parents, and even your aunts and uncles, all lived well into their 90’s and never had to deal with cancer, heart disease, stroke, aneurysm, or any number of health issues, that doesn’t mean you are going to experience the same blessing.

There are numerous factors that contribute to health problems, not the least of which are processed meals, pesticides sprayed on the vegetables we eat, and even processed sugars that can affect us.

It’s wonderful if you have a family history void of all these issues, but even an accident can change your fortunes in the blink of an eye.

That’s why long-term care insurance is so important.

You may assume at this point in your life (in your mid to late 40’s or 50’s, for example) that long-term care insurance is simply not necessary. After all, the odds of you ever requiring long-term care in the next 20 years could be small.

But, is that a risk worth taking, especially when you consider the rising cost of long-term care? Did you know that the average cost of nursing home in some places is over $300,000 per year?

Long-term care costs across the United States are rapidly increasing and that includes for in-home care support services. Even a seemingly minor mishap like a slip and fall or automobile accident that leaves you immobile, hospitalized for weeks, and going through a long and difficult recovery process can be financially devastating.

That’s why long-term care insurance and the premiums associated with it, is an affordable option that helps protect your financial assets, investments, and even your home for the future.

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