Who Could Require Long-Term Care?

Long-Term Care Insurance Cost Carmel Valley CA

Long-Term Care Insurance Cost Carmel Valley CA

When talking about long-term care, the most common individual who is thought of as possibly requiring this level of assistance is a senior. Elderly individuals certainly are most susceptible to requiring some type of extended care, but they’re not the only ones.
Anyone could require long-term care at any time.

Younger, seemingly perfectly healthy adults could, at some point before they reach retirement, require extended care. That’s because no one can truly predict the health emergencies, such as heart attacks or strokes, injury sustained in accidents, or anything else.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, so it’s a good idea to at least plan ahead and begin thinking about the possibility that long-term care may be necessary for more than just the elderly individuals in the family.

Planning ahead is prudent.

Most people will think about life insurance, but whether they actually purchase a policy or not is a different argument. Many individuals plan for retirement by putting away money, investing in stocks, bonds, and CDs, and doing whatever they can to put themselves in a good financial position for those retirement years.

What few people actually consider, though, is long-term care insurance. They may not even realize there is such a thing as that. In truth, long-term care insurance can be a lot like carrying life insurance.

No one really plans on leaving this earthly life prematurely, but it happens every single day all across the country and around the world. People wake up expecting to make it through the day and see tomorrow and never do, whether it’s due to a massive, sudden heart attack, accident at work, or even an automobile accident.

People carry life insurance so they will know their family is going to be taken care of, at least for a while if they’re are no longer around to provide for them financially. Having long-term care insurance is also something to seriously consider for many of the same reasons.

Let’s say, for example, that the primary financial earner in a family is suddenly stricken with a medical emergency or is involved in an automobile accident. He or she may be laid up in the hospital for a week or more. After that, they might be facing many months of recovery and may have to rely on nursing home care for a couple of weeks before finally getting to go home.

If they are out of work for an extended length of time, and at the same time have to rely on home care support to help them get back on their feet, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and visiting nurses, the cost for that can add up quickly.

It can deplete savings and financially ruin some families. Except, when those families carry adequate long-term care insurance, then they will be protected from some of those unexpected circumstances in which long-term care would be needed.

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