What is Long-Term Care Insurance All About?

Stop for a moment and think about what you would prefer in the event you had difficulty just getting around the house. Would you want to stay where you have lived for the past decade or so? Or does the idea of moving into an assisted living community strike you as a positive possibility? Whatever the case may be, both of those options are going to cost you money.

Long-Term Care Insurance Companies Del Mar CA - What is Long-Term Care Insurance All About?

Long-Term Care Insurance Companies Del Mar CA – What is Long-Term Care Insurance All About?

Long-term care insurance is designed to help not only get people the care they need when they need it, but also help protect assets, including retirement savings, their home, and more.

More people today prefer to ‘age in place.’

This essentially means people want to remain at home, where they are most comfortable, as opposed to any other type of long-term facility. Few people ever readily admit they wouldn’t mind spending a few months in a nursing home. There are plenty of stories about negligent care, overwhelmed staff, and waiting hours and hours for a nurse to come and check vitals, change a bedpan, or do something else.

Assisted living can also be a great option, but as people are comfortable in their own home environment, when they start having difficulty getting around or being safe, a home care aide or series of caregivers might just be the optimal solution.

How much will this cost?

The average cost of home care, full-time support, is around $45,000 per year across the country. People can certainly rely on a couple of hours support every day or every few days a week, but that is still going to add up quickly. If somebody needs long-term care for five years, for example, that is nearly $250,000.

That’s often more than most people have saved for retirement. It could be gone within that short amount of time.

Long-term care insurance isn’t about making insurance companies richer because, how likely is it going to be that somebody’s actually going to need long-term care when they have this insurance, but rather protecting assets, helping to keep people safer at home, and giving them the option even when the challenges of everyday life become tremendous.

Anyone who is saving for retirement and wishes to protect their investments should be encouraged to contact long-term care insurance companies for the prospect of a long-term care insurance policy. It might just be the answer to a question they never realized they should have asked years ago.

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