Long-Term Care Insurance Carmel Valley CA

Long-Term Care Insurance Carmel Valley CAIf you’re like most people, you’ve experienced feelings of guilt. Maybe something happened in your past that could have been avoided. Perhaps you kept your mouth shut because you didn’t want to ‘create waves.’ Then, the one thing you didn’t want to happen occurred. You may have carried the guilt around with you for a long time.

Lately, you’ve noticed your elderly mother or father having difficulty around the house. They call on you for assistance with minor things, like cleaning out the gutters in the fall, helping them take out the garbage one day, or getting something from the basement or the attic.

You’re more than happy to help out, but questions keep popping up in your mind. “Are they really okay?” “Are they safe?” “What happens if they’re injured?”

You want to sit down and talk about home care and other options, but you’re afraid of what they may say. You’re afraid they’ll get upset and angry with you. You’re afraid they’ll say no, there’s no possible way they would even consider hiring a home care aide.

But that nagging feeling in the back your mind won’t leave you alone. It started to cause you sleepless nights and a lot of stress and anxiety. You keep wanting to say something, but you hold back. Maybe something happened in the past that’s giving you reluctance now. In truth, though, you don’t want to feel guilty if something happens to your loved ones that could have been avoided.

One of the most common reasons people avoid long-term care is cost.

A lot of people in this country avoid long-term care, at least professional long-term care, because of the cost. They perceive it to be far too expensive and, instead, do the best they can or rely on family and friends. That places a lot of pressure on those family and friends. What happens if somebody can’t be there for the senior when he or she needs it most?

The best support an elderly individual can get is through a qualified and experienced home care aide. This is also the most affordable option. However, for long-term care, it can still be quite an expense.

If you consider long-term care insurance now, it can pay dividends in the event your loved one requires long-term care. It can help protect assets and open up a number of options for them to consider, including home care and assisted living.

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