June is Effective Communications Month and if you’ve been trying to get your father to listen about certain topics, you may have felt as though you’re beating your head against the proverbial wall. It’s not always easy to get our parents or even grandparents to listen to us as they age, especially about long-term care, but it’s important to continue pressing the issue.

Long-Term Care Insurance San Marcos CA - Long-Term Care Insurance is an Important Topic to Discuss with Your Father

Long-Term Care Insurance San Marcos CA – Long-Term Care Insurance is an Important Topic to Discuss with Your Father

When it comes to the topic of long-term care insurance, the older your father is, the more pressing the issue. While a person in their 60’s may very well still be eligible to purchase a long-term care insurance policy, certain health issues and other risk factors can change that. Your father may reach a point very soon when he’s no longer eligible to get a policy or afford one.

Start as early as possible.

It’s a good idea to start talking about long-term care insurance as soon as you can, especially with aging parents. If they’re in their late 50’s or even their 60’s already, time is of the essence. As mentioned, there could come a time very soon when they are no longer eligible for this type of insurance policy.

Learn everything you can about this topic first.

Before you sit down to talk about something as important as long-term care insurance, gather as much information as you can on the topic. The more armed you are with accurate and verifiable information, the easier it’s going to be for you to counter any protests or resistance he puts up.

Don’t forget to listen.

When we think about effective communication, we think about being articulate, having plenty of facts, and being able to dispute them, and those are all important to some degree, but perhaps the most important skill is listening.

When you sit down to talk to your father about long-term care insurance, are you just presenting facts and opinion, trying to pressure him into looking into it because you know this is a good policy to help protect his financial investment in the future? If so, you may not be listening enough.

He may be talking about concerns he has, posing questions disguised as statements, and giving you a number of clues into his real, genuine thoughts on the topic. When you take time to listen more clearly and focus on what he’s saying, it could provide you a more effective platform from which to launch, thus encouraging him to consider long-term care insurance.

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